standin' on canal and bowery

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whenever i am downtown, below houston street (and above chambers street), i feel totally different. there is no place like nolita, no charm like soho, no character like the lower east side (les) and chinatown. chinatown is a whole different city, if not country - like being in china!

i was down shopping with a friend this weekend (at second time around, erica weiner and old hollywood) and feeling so in love with the city. even though it was so cold and my legs stopped working after a while. such a sacrifice :)

i brought home this necklace and this necklace. a very successful outing.


kELLO! said...

that first photo! so cool

shayna said...

New York has a second time around? Mom would be so excited. I love the necklaces you bought. Nice work.

laden backpack said...

walking in the cold to a new place is the only reason to be walking in the cold. Once we walked across a frozen lake and the wind was blowing from the right side of us and froze my companion's ear which proceeded to swell up as big as a grapefruit. It was nasty but after a while and some
tense moments it deflated and everything was eventually ok. We were headed home when it happened so I guess it was worth it. I like the necklace too. Looks like you could entertain yourself with it for hours if your were in a boring meeting or something like that. It
was nice to have the Vermont flag in the foreground, I am sure that makes Eric feel good.

Peggy said...

Great photos! and fun prizes. Yes, I did a double take on second time around. Yes!

Linds said...

You have impeccable taste. Will you be my personal shopper?