the hudson valley.

Collage1 on our way to pick up our rental car (it's ok, it's a rental) IMG_5650 west point Collage2 a vineyard in winter // a "ski resort" IMG_5664 rainbow bridgeIMG_5685
fdr's home IMG_5693 Collage3 IMG_5713 IMG_5706 IMG_5716 vanderbilt mansion IMG_5742 IMG_5740 train tracks to the city IMG_5745 hi, i'm freezing

we decided to get some veryfreeeezing fresh air on saturday and sunday and drive up the hudson valley. i must say, new york is a very pretty state. we are a little helpless when it comes to driving in the sense that it's hard to follow signs for little country roads and make the correct turns and navigate and we just aren't experienced in the driving department as of late. thanks for that, nyc.

we took the subway downtown to pick up our rental car. after waiting in a line of people renting cars for their own weekend getaways...turns out we got the mustang. ?! yes. the red mustang convertible. so funny. we both felt embarrassed the entire weekend to be driving that car (especially when some punk teenagers complimented us on our "cool car.") but it was a source of laughter for the weekend. and also a source of stress, we didn't speed once...

we drove and drove, spent too much time and money here...drove by west point, drove through tiny towns on the west side of the hudson and then crossed the bridge to the east side into poughkeepsie (pooo-keep-seee...although most say, poo-kip-see). we settled into our hotel. drove to hyde park were the culinary institute of america is, for dinner. even though we checked their website, turns out their restaurants were closed for the weekend :( boo.
but instead we ate at table talk diner in poookeeepseee. who doesn't love a good diner? diners are awesome. and we of course ate way too much.
we also managed to enjoy the hot tub at our hotel until our eyes were burning with chlorine. the hot tub made it feel like a real vacation :)

we made sure to sleep in and enjoy our morning.
we then drove back up to hyde park to see franklin delano roosevelt's home...you know fdr, the guy that was pretty cool and president of the usa too. the house was pretty incredible. and the setting so lovely, right on the hudson. i'd like to go back in the summer to see it in bloom. it's a really great place to visit, but be warned, it's $14 per adult to tour the house and presidential library.

we didn't have the time to tour the vanderbilt mansion - but we made sure to drive by. the mansion, huge. the grounds, very impressive.

we then drove back down to the city. stopping at table talk's sister diner, red line diner. we had our fill of diners. literally.
we drove by sleepy hollow manor. it's now a sort of village and all the street signs have headless horsemen on them. i don't think i'd be ok living there. we did our best to stay on the hudson until it got dark. man oh man, the hudson is a beautiful river, and its valley only makes it more beautiful.

it's so funny how we always breathe a sigh of relief when we get back home. even though the city is so busy and loud and unforgiving - it's home and it's so good to be home.


laden backpack said...

When I was a kid I think I saw the movie about the legend of sleepy hollow and it scared me to death. That big black horse with thar huge rider and the flaming pumpkin, any kids worst nightmare. Have you seen the movie"On the Hudson" with bill Murray ? I have always been fascinated by fdr, would love to see the house and the movie for that matter you guys loaded a lot in one weekend. Thanks for an interesting post.

kELLO! said...

neat! history and such!
getting out of the city is nice, we just did it sunday, but yes, getting into my bed was amazzzing even though we were gone for just the day. ha

shayna said...

I feel a skype fashion show coming on.

Peggy said...

I just said to my self, "That looks freezing," next I read "HI, I'm freezing." So funny. I loved being able to see all this beautiful scenery and history and not get cold. By the way, has anyone told you that you have amazingly beautiful eyes. {I'm all for a skype fashion show}

Linds said...

a weekend getaway sounds so romantic.