alice's tea cup

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brunch is kind of awesome. i didn't really get brunch until we moved here; i didn't understand.

i mean, a lot of fancy restaurants in the city have brunch menus - and brunch is pretty much the same price everywhere. which is perfect.
we met our brooklynites (suzie, cole and babies elliot and quincey) at alice's tea cup on the ues (upper east side) on saturday for what turned out to be a late brunch - because the wait for a table was long. a little too long.
but we waited by walking around dylan's candy bar - not that it's something to write home about or blog about really (oops) but it's a huge store full of CANDY.

after a very delicious and filling brunch with tea, scones, smoked salmon/eggs benedict on scones - suzie and i had a couple hours to ourselves. bloomingdale's and a tram ride to see our beautiful city from up high.


shayna said...

That's a great picture of you and Ben. Woah Elliot and Quincey are really cute. Wow.

Peggy said...

Woah, Emily and Ben are really cute. Babies are always cute in my book. I love a spot of herb tea in a china teacup. So fun.

Zonia Cruz said...

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sienna said...

such a cute pic of you two! and yes, dying of jealousy.

laden backpack said...

Great pics and remember that a store full of candy is good anytime or any place. even the words "a store full of candy" are good anytime, anyplace.

Linds said...

Those little girls make me melt. The big girls make me smile :)