friends and froze (oahu)

IMG_5880 Collage5 IMG_5884 Collage2 Collage3 Collage4 IMG_5937 IMG_5931 IMG_5923 Collage1 IMG_5967 IMG_5968 our third day on oahu...

we got to visit pearl harbor: the uss arizona memorial. which is beautiful and sobering. the white memorial is placed above the sunken boat, the arizona. oil still leaks from the boat to this date - just a little everyday...kind of crazy. i'm really glad we got to see this. thanks jake for reserving tickets in advance.
and also for taking us on an awesome tour of your place of work :) we are very proud of you!

we ate froze (fried rice, spam, etc --- spam! we got to eat spam! the hawaiian treat!) and lovely lunch at a little spot near the water. we ate almost every meal outside in hawaii (the only 2-3 inside were because it was pouring rain). and i just basked in how great it was to be like...no bigs, we're eating outside and the weather is gorgeous.

we visited hickam beach...which is just so quiet and uncrowded and tranquil.

later that night we got together with everyone again and drove up to haleiwa to eat thai food. jk, the thai place was closed so we ate some burgers...but some how the place ran out of fries and cO2 (for soda)...so how were we supposed to get our burger on?
we got ice cream after to make up for it - ben got a few different kinds of mochi ice cream. yumm.

i loved seeing our friends. it feels like a dream now...that we got to be with them in hawaii. and also that they are the type of friends that i don't feel like we've lost track of time and we just picked up where we left off - the best kinds of friends.  

more to remember:
boo radly.
being with the little kiddies. elle is just my little buddy.
watching youtube videos together. taylor swift and the goat
it was especially fun talking to shevaun about the uvsc/p-town good times. and i always feel so happy to have introduced shevaunandjake. yep that was me!


shayna said...

I need to go to Pearl Harbor. I just do.

Linds said...

these friends are quality friends.