oh, hi. it's my birthday.

IMG_6024 well it's my birthday again.

i guess i'm 27 today.

i always seem to reflect a lot around my birthday. i am a reflective thinker...and i think i always have been (ha). i think, so i'm 27. and i am still thinking of what i want to be when i grow up, i still learn things everyday, i still love candy and dressing like a seven year old, i still get excited about the weekend, i still love to have play dates, but most importantly, i still love my husband. and i love me.
it's weird to say i love me...

but i do. even though sometimes it's frustrating and mostly just exhausting --- i am (almost) always going a million miles a minute because i have so many interests, so many loves, so many simple joys in life.

i read somewhere that julia child didn't start cooking until she was 37. so even though i do so many things with my time and focus my efforts and i do ok at quite a few things...i guess i have another 10 years to totally master something (the art of french cooking?). hehe.

but really, i am so lucky to be alive in such a beautiful city, in a wild and crazy time, hanging with the coolest person on the planet {ben}.

happy birthday to me.

(photo taken in hawaii...many more photos to come :)


shayna said...

You don't look a day over 7. Happiest Birthday sister, I really love you and your thoughts.

Linda M. said...

I hope your day, year, life are full of love and possibilities! You have accomplished so much in your 27 years. I look forward to watching what the next 27 bring.

Brittany said...

Happy happy bday, Emily! I really do think you're one of the greatest people I know on the Internet. Which isn't creepy at all :) You're such a rockstar, so 27 is bound to be fabulous.

Can't wait to see your Hawaii photos. Looks like you and Ben had a blast.

hanner said...

27 was a super weird turning point for me but also the BEST birthday i've ever had, so i wish the same for you! happpppy biiiiiirthdayyyyy!!!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday to you! I think it is great you love you....it does us good to remind ourselves we like how we turned out.

Linds said...

Self love is akin to inner peace. You found it at such a young age. {quote from Kung fu Panda 2} I'm so glad you were born. Happiest 27th birthday! {we are the same age. that is neat.}

Bridget said...

happy birthday girl!!!!!!

Peggy said...

Though I've already wished you the happiest of Birthdays, I want to go on blog record saying you are one of the most splendid people I know and I've known you for 27+ years. This will be the best year yet.

laden backpack said...

Well, I know this is late but then what is late, maybe it is early for 28. I always reflect on some of the great men of the earth. Thomas Edison who gave us the light bulb, without it we would be in darkness, our lives and our productivity would be limited by the light of the sun but around 67 he made it happen and the entire world has benefited from his
vision and his determination. You will never grow up so you will always have a new horizon to walk towards and a new challenge to face
and to conquer. What a delightful friend, person and -------- you are.
Thanks for being you.