relaxation at its best (in kauai)

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people who know us - know that we are really into points. like airline points and hotel points now. we flew to and from hawaii all on points (so our tickets were just as much as taxes/fees...less than $100). and we stayed at a hotel in kauai on points. so we stayed for free. basically.
i love free.
we travel a lot but we do everything we can to make it inexpensive and thrifty. it's the only way to do it.

the hotel was really nice. whoever put it together sure went all out with the landscaping and every little detaiil - to the lava rock and water slide and lazy river and uniquely shaped hot tubs. and beautiful flowers! and trees! and everything. and they pass out otter pops! that sure won me over. and we probably took the water slide a dozen times. it's good to feel like a luxury kid. the beach (shipwrecks beach) is distinct and beautiful, we even saw some whales from the beach.

i think my hair was wet the entire [hawaii] trip. beach hair all the time. i didn't even bring my flat iron, it was refreshing. kauai was the point when we drank the hawaii koolaid - like how can we make this work to live here? it's amazing. it's relaxing. it's sunny. everyone is so nice and calm.

when we had to check out of our hotel (sad) and we "had" to use the spa to shower (since we had to check out of our room early) we showered in a shower entirely made of lava rock with an open roof. dreamy.

places we ate in the nearby areas (all really good):
koloa fish market - for poke!
dude dogs - piƱa colada smoothie and lilikoi soda
bubba's burgers - pineapple on burgers
tortilla republic - tacos
living foods market + cafe (my fave) - pineapple french toast
lunch by the pool :) - i ordered a smoothie that came out a milkshake. oh well! ben had lilikoi bbq sauce with his lunch
shave ice (with ice cream) at brennecke's

other things to remember:
we are easily impressed - ben! there are cows and chickens everywhere. and sheep! birds!
we didn't think food and things were that expensive...but we realize that's because we live in nyc where food and things are spendy :)
ben said kauai is heaven.
there was a cute kid at the hotel with ice cream all over his face that also needed to get an otter pop.
when you have the choice, always drive with the top down.
we saw couples carrying one another down the lazy river...so i took a turn on ben's back and he took one on mine. i love silly stuff like this. 


shayna said...

Tops off driving!!! And the inevitable otter cough.

sienna said...

good job on the points! i love all the little details in your pictures and post.

rosecardfaux.com said...

Genius idea. Points! (She says as if she's never heard the word before.)

Linds said...

i need a class on how to be better at points. i need to be your apprentice. teach me your ways.