roosevelt island tram

Collage1 1st avenue IMG_5822 IMG_5827 a view of manhattan from roosevelt island IMG_5833 on saturday, i took the roosevelt island tram with my friend, suzie.

roosevelt island is part of the borough of manhattan - it's in between manhattan and queens and it's tiny and cute. people live there, there is an F train subway stop there, it's happenin'.

mostly i have just wanted to take the tram for a long time - to see the city from up high. and riding a tram is fun! it reminds me of being at snowbird, snowboarding in utah. i will definitely take the tram many many times. it's so easy too! you pick it up at 59th and 2nd avenue and you use your metrocard - it's just like getting on the subway, except you get to fly through the air and not be crammed underground! yeah!


shayna said...

Add that to our list of things to do when I visit. I love flying through the air with you.

laden backpack said...

how is it that we have missed this one. I want to get on it and ride it back and forth all day and take pics of the light as it brushes on the environs through the times of the day. love it.

Peggy said...

I love these shots, especially the two together of 1st Ave. I didn't know about the tram. How long has it been there? We'll do the tram together!

Linds said...

What a fun little ride. I've always been intrigued by Roosevelt Island. Islands look like fun.