we left our hearts with kauai (waimea canyon)

IMG_5997 IMG_5977 Collage2 IMG_5979 IMG_5996 Collage1 IMG_5984 IMG_5999 IMG_6017 IMG_6007 IMG_6008 IMG_6016 oh...kauai.

maybe it started when we got a convertible (redmustangconvertible) for our rental car - for the same price as a standard rental, mind you.

yeah that was probably it. because we just drove around with the top off, the entire time. and even though ben got a little bit of a sunburn from driving in a car without a lid...it seemed worth it. we got to kauai in the morning, got our car, got some snacks and drove up to waimea canyon. kauai is super sneakily beautiful. the drive up to waimea is just ok...a little deserty and the red dirt, which is similar to where i grew up in southern utah makes you confused...am i in hawaii? and then all of a sudden, BOOM, gorgeous.

waimea canyon has the green of hawaii and red dirt and the right dips and gorges and ridged valleys. the shadows. i am in love.

the last few photos are a look out (and a sneak peak) of the napali coast. holy bejeezes.

to remember:
randall at the car rental hooked us uuup (with the mustang).
i slipped on a tiny hike and did the splits.
the humid valley, mid-kauai "one of the wettest spots on earth."
we bought shaved coconut, coconut candies and fresh pineapple from a guy up near the canyon lookout. pineapple is better in hawaii. i think it's because it's actually fresh there and ripened by the sun and not in my wintery nyc kitchen.


hanner said...

There must be some sort of unspoken arrangement among car rental places in Hawaii that they only give out convertibles because that happened to us too! Except it was something dumb like a Sebring and we saw a ton of other people driving them too. Haha.

Anna said...

So gorgeous! I had no idea Hawaii had canyons like this.

kELLO! said...

the splits! haha wish I could have seen it
I have some friends who hiked the Napali coast for a few days- looks awesome!
thats a cool photo of everyone looking at the view

Brittany said...

Exactly. Oh Kauai. Oahu is great and all, but Kauai. So glad you loved it too!

shayna said...

You look pretty near canyons. Nice work.

Linds said...

I'm lusting after your pretty hairs. And gorgeous views.