we started with oahu (the north shore)

IMG_5865 IMG_5864 IMG_5860 Collage1 IMG_5870 IMG_5871 IMG_5867 IMG_5875 even long after there are no more spring breaks for school - i hope we continue to vacation for spring break. getting away from the long, cold, cruel new york winter is a must. and even if it's an 11 hour flight from jfk to hnl...it's worth it once you're there.

when we arrived in honolulu, it was pouring rain (wah waaah). but our lovely friend jake picked us up, beautiful flowery leis and all, so that made the rain seem ok. we got to stay with jake and shevaun and their little family on oahu. THANK YOU. they are some of the very best hosts. we can only aspire to be as awesome. that night we had dinner with them and our friends scotty and jamie who live there now as well. lucky us! we probably seemed like total deadbeats...by about 9pm. i kept avoiding doing the math of what time it was in nyc.

the next day, we woke up far too early (because we couldn't sleep) - jake and shevaun let us borrow their car which was just beyond nice and generous.
the drive to the north shore up the eastern part of oahu is full of tunnels and canyons and tall, narrow mountains. because i had been to oahu before (for the wedding of one of my favorite couples :) - sienna & tony) i felt almost like i knew what i was doing and i was "showing" ben around. even though i am totally inexperienced in the ways of hawaii, i did remember quite a lot from my previous trip - since it all seemed the same since my visit 6 years ago. 

we ate at kahuku grill for lunch (they have the best coconut-macadamia-nut-shrimp) and ran into a friend (noelle) - and we soon realized we were in mormonville, when about 16 mormon missionaries also showed up for lunch. we ate, chatted and we were on our way, down the street to ono yo frozen yogurt. we got lilikoi (passion fruit) "butter" on our yogurt that was pretty much the best butter i've ever had! and we also saw my high school spanish teacher, i avoided eye contact.

the sun started to come out a bit...we stopped at sharks cove, waimea bay beach (with really huge waves soo we didn't really swim too much), went up to haleiwa to surf n sea and matsumoto's for shave ice. (bybes, does this sound like our bus tour we took that one day? *wink*) it was especially fun to go to surf n sea where i had bought ben some board shorts 6 years earlier.
we made our way back to laie, where we took the grand tour (driving by byu-hawaii, the mormon temple and stopping at foodland for local's - sandals).
we also visited the polynesian cultural center (which i hadn't done before). which was fun...and interesting...including someone from utah proposing to their girlfriend in front of hundreds of their closest friends/strangers at the luau dinner. the night show is great with incredible dancing, poor storyline and awesome fire-tricks. all-in-all we are glad we got to go. and glad we saved $8 by parking over by sienna's mamma's house (pammy).
and we were happy to have gotten discounted tickets to go to the p.c.c. :)

the north shore feels homey and relaxed and welcoming and safe. it is a totally different feel from the rest of the island.

the rest to remember:
i hate detours but ben loves them. oh let's just take this road, it will only be like 5 minutes! (20 minutes later...)
ben called matsumoto's, quasimodo's.
we saw a lady at the p.c.c. wearing a mullet dress.
also saw someone from high school at the p.c.c. avoided eye contact again.
at p.c.c. dinner - ben was chowing down on some orange fruit and said, this doesn't taste like cantaloupe but it's really good! and i said, it's papaya. 
even at our communal table at the p.c.c. luau dinner, we just sat and talked and laughed for a while. we remembered in provo/utah/byu going to a hawaiian restaurant and ben got mad at me for forgetting a coupon...when all the while it was in his pocket. haaaaa, i love those dating memories!
at the beach ben said, you're not chubby, you're a healthy weight. oh so funny :)


sienna said...

gotta love small mormon laie. sounds like you had fun.

Brittany said...

I love this. It's all about the food.

Linds said...

i love mullet dresses ;)
this sounds like a beautiful beginning to an awesome trip.

Emily said...

Just saw this and your note. Surf n' sea and matusmoto's? Sounds like a true hawaiian vacation. :) Lot's of good memories. :)