and that's the end of that (hawaii)

Collage1 IMG_6517 IMG_6528 seesters IMG_6541 - Version 2 we fell asleep IMG_6521 - Version 2 happy shiny people at the beach IMG_6546
it all sort of seems like a dream now. because being in paradise is just dreamy.

we ate brunch at island lava java. where a man next to our table played the best hits from high school on his trusty guitar. and a funny newyorker moment happened to me here...you know how in nyc you can be on your way to a restaurant, hop on the open table app on your phone, make a reservation and you show up to the place and you're all good? well you can't do that in hawaii (i tried). but it's ok because we didn't have to wait too long for our table. and we were waiting in the sunshine so that was cool too.

we visited costco (the hot spot on many of the hawaiian islands - where you buy chocolate covered macadamia nuts)
and drove to the visitors center of mauna kea - come to find out, we couldn't drive to the top of the pretty mountain because there was bad weather up top, brrrr :( kind of a huge bummer. i guess we'll have to go back! darn!

we went to hapuna beach. such a beautiful beach. thanks eric for taking us. and the sun managed to come out just right for us that afternoon.
we also somehow skipped lunch again that day (why i oughta!) but that might have been because of the macadamia nuts.

we ate dinner back in kona at kanaka kava where we went all out with our pu pu platter and whatnot. with poke, kalua pork, poi, taro, seafood, salad with miso dressing, bread. and all kinds of goodness.

afterwards we got frozen yogurt and shave ice. and sat under the palms. and talked and shit. and it was great.
i've decided some of the best conversations happen outside. at the beach. under a palm tree. sitting in a nice summery breeze.

also, i didn't wear my watch the entire trip. that's saying something.
and i picked plumeria (rather picked up off the ground) everywhere we were. i was always wearing a flower.
let's just move here, said ben.


Charity said...

Hawaii is such a different world and SO beautiful! LOVE the pictures!

shayna said...

You look a lot happier when you fall asleep. When is our next trip?

laden backpack said...

Some scenes I have never seen before from Hawaii great pics and it appears lots of fun with family glad u guys could all meet up, sch a nice chance to see, eat and see some more. Nice hawaian posts

Linds said...

mini-naps are the best.
i like those nuts.