napali coast + whales + other things

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one of our days on kauai we took a boat to see the napali coast - and we were hopeful to see whales, dolphins, sea turtles (all of which we saw!).

we took our boat tour with captain andy's (on the southern star) - we recommend the boat and the splurge (we thought about taking a helicopter but glad we opted for the boat). the crew was awesome and super nice. one of the crew was steering the boat while the captains and crew were serving the passengers. she said, i love that i'm the crew and i'm steering and the captains are serving! my kind of boat.
we took the boat out early, got breakfast on the boat and immediately saw some dolphins. dolphins spinning and bolting out of the water.
we soon thereafter went snorkeling (before 9am, ha) where we saw lots of fishies and a sea turtle (at least one).

we then went on to the napali coast. it is incredibly beautiful, much like its cousin, waimea canyon. did you know the napali coast is one of the fastest deteriorating coastlines in the world? so you'd better fly out and see it. it's unbelievable. give me a multi-colored jagged coastline and i am happy.

the only thing about the boat was i felt a little sick...but after some ginger ale and some food i was ok. i'm just glad i didn't lose my breakfast or lunch. (too much?)

on our way back from the coast, we got to see whales. many, many whales. they kept dancing and flying to the surface for us. one was slapping its tail a ton - one of the captains said he's been doing this a long time and had never seen a whale slap its tail so much. and they were so close. the boat also had a sort of fancy-dancy-underwater microphone so we could hear what the whales were singing.
whale season is from december to april-ish. yeah spring break!

that night we went to bed super early. we were so tired from the eventful day. it's exhausting to see such beautiful things :)


sienna said...

so incredible. i have been on many a whale watching boat and only seen very far away or very few whale sightings. you guys must have good karma.

we took a similar boat ride on our honeymoon and Tony was sick the entire time. but even so, i think the view might have made up for it.

shayna said...

The picture with the rainbow sail almost looks like it could be at our cabin or somewhere in Utah. It's really beautiful. WHALES!!

Linds said...