volcanoes and national parks just go together.

IMG_6342 Collage1 IMG_6354 IMG_6356 IMG_6384 who can spot eric? Collage2 lava tube Collage3 IMG_6409 our next album cover photo IMG_6362 caldera of the volcano IMG_6444 IMG_6431 Collage4 IMG_6461 a whole helluva lot of lava Collage5 IMG_6480 heart IMG_6497 IMG_6488 IMG_6477 this came in a series of close ups when we made the exact same facial expressions (without knowing it) Collage6 IMG_6495 see the smoke in the distance? that's the active part of the volcano. lava flows going into the ocean. IMG_6475 - Version 2
our third and final stop in hawaii was hawaii (ha...) - the big island. we were lucky, ever so lucky, to meet up with shayna and eric (sister and broinlaw who live in san francisco).

eric is somewhat of an expert of the island - having lived there for a year and also having spent a lot of time there. eric is just so knowledgeable.

we took a tiny plane from kauai to kona, big island - meeting shayna and eric at the airport. we ate a late dinner at the kona brewing company. where we got a server that seemed mad that we ordered water to drink? weird :)

the next morning we went to basik for acai bowls and smoothies (a rad mint one) to start our journey to volcanoes national park. about a 2 hour drive from kona...because -mind you- the big island is BIG.
and let's talk about how incredible the miles and miles of that black lava look...amazing!
and the lava tube? lava tubes are created by a bunch of lava flowing through there and the caves are what is left of the area. dark and creepy and cool.

the only problem is once we were in the park we just kept going and seeing things...and it was about 4ish-pm by the time we ate lunch/ish. i thought i was going to eat my arm and yell at the server or pass out. but once we ate our papaya salad and our thai curry (at thai thai), we all sort of laughed really hard about the whole thing.

somehow we managed to drive around the entire island that day (not sure how) but we also managed to go to yogurtland and get malasadas at tex (portuguese donuts...who knew the portuguese could get food right?).

more to remember:
macadamia nuts...mmm.
when ben, eric and i asked shayna to pull over to a place and she just drove on by. haha i don't think she heard us :) 
i heard the server say to another person at the kona brewing company that she "didn't like being nice" - i think she was referring to us...hehe.


shayna said...

I love the new album cover photo. Did I tell you that we drove 465 miles in two days?

Wait? You wanted to stop for coffee?

kELLO! said...

a whole helluva lot of lava! - funny.
one question: it's cold in hawaii? never knew.

C said...

So glad to hear you ate at Thai Thai. It is our favorite place to eat. We like staying at Volcano Village whenever we have gone to Big Island. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.

Linds said...

I'm a bit partial to National Parks. I love them. I remember going into the lava tubes and being sorta freaked out. Claustrophobic? I'm not sure-but they were amazing.