amsterdam. it's no wonder i love you.

IMG_6736 IMG_6738 IMG_6745 IMG_6765 Collage1 IMG_6781 Collage2 IMG_6792 IMG_6799 Collage3 IMG_6848 IMG_6769 amsterdam. how do i love thee? let me count the ways...i lost count.

bikes, canals, rowhouses, museums, food, pot.

no wonder i loved amsterdam - nyc was originally named new amsterdam! it all makes sense!

we stayed in the most lovely flat on spuistraat (thanks airbnb). it's a great location - close to the train station, close to dam square, close to the canal sprawl. who could ever get sick of it? the day we had all the sunshine and goodness we rented bikes from frederic rent-a-bike - i was drawn to it because the bikes are actually legit and look like the ones the locals ride. as opposed to some bright colored uniform bike that is just asking to be vandalized or stolen. 
wait wait wait.
first things first.
we arrived in the afternoon. met our "landlord" get settled and ventured out. for dinner, we had made a reservation at de culinaire werkplaats - a place recommended by the nytimes. it's a design studio FOR FOOD. (my dream come true? yes.)
each course was explained to us under the theme of "blooming" so it all represented life and growth. we got things like flat bread w black lentils to dip in a tiny clay potting pot of black sesame and pesto. pictured above, we had beet ice cream, strawberry sorbet, currant paste and flowers. for dessert - little pellets of fig, chocolate mouse and powder with shallots. yep. an unlikely marriage they called it. but it was unexpectedly good. we were also in charge of clearing our own dishes. AND deciding how much we thought the meal was worth (pay as you like). this part was hard. but i think we did ok :)
that night we walked around the red light district. and then my feminist heart got really upset. no to mention there were plenty of red lights on our street. 

so yes, we rented bikes. got to visit the rijksmuseum (that just reopened after 10 years or something, lucky us - it's like amsterdam's met) and the van gogh museum. that van gogh man. he was one talented and sad guy. i loved reading about how impressionism focused on painting emotion instead of reality. if i were a painter i'd paint in greens and purples and stars.
(p.s. buying tickets online to both of the above museums ahead of time doesn't guarantee immediate entrance, fyi.)
the next day we also visited anne frank's house. sigh.

and spent the rest of our time eating stroop waffles, sitting in cafes, wishing we could bring tulip bulbs home, trying not to get run over by people on bikes and walking around to our hearts' content. we also took a canal cruise. it was spendier than we hoped but worth it (on a rainy day, especially) to see the pretty city from a boat.


shayna said...

I don't remember seeing the picture of the library...it's just like in Beauty and the Beast. Hopefully my dream house will have a library like that.

Peggy said...

How do you say Rijks? Stunning photos, beautiful flowers and I especially like being able to eat them!

Peggy said...

PS I love the food that looks like big artgum erasers

laden backpack said...

I loved the saturated colors of the buildings, bikes,et
Alt. Color was predominate I agree with your assessment of the bikes, the ones you picked were great, looks just like
I would imagine the kind of bike that everyone would use. Nice group of images.

carla thorup said...

pretty pretty pretty. all of it.

i get wanderlust heavy duty from visiting your blog lately. f'reals.

i need a trip to NYC to hang out!

Linds said...

I've officially decided that my exercise of choice, where I feel most comfortable is on a bike. Not shocking-but it was fun to re-remember that.

Greens, purples and stars. You should paint. I'm pretty sure you'd rock it.