IMG_6859 [old] haarlem Collage1 Collage2 IMG_6910 just rows and rows of tulips IMG_6903 Collage3 IMG_6931 IMG_6919
i mean...really now, holland.

i've been confused about this for a while. holland is a region in the netherlands - in the north where amsterdam is. so when you say holland you're talking about the region. the country is the netherlands. ok. got that out of the way.

we rented a car and drove all around the countryside in holland to see tulips, windmills, to drive on a really long dike, to be in a cloud the whole day.
did you know most of the netherlands is below sea level? and in order to regulate the water levels, lots and lots of dikes were built. it's kind of crazy if you think about it. i just hope that the cute country of the netherlands isn't swallowed up by the sea one day.

we first drove to haarlem which is basically a mini amsterdam. i'm making all these connections...new york was first called new amsterdam --- and our neighborhood that we live in, in nyc is harlem...and the netherlands has a haarlem. ok, i'm boring you.

in haarlem we visited grote kerk - the huge church in the main square. it was spendy (not! was 2 euros) and very impressive. someone was playing the big ol' organ while we were there.
then we visited the corrie ten boom museum - did you read the book the hiding place? it's really amazing what corrie did and has done. pretty impressive lady.

after that we drove to see the rows and rows of tulips - you can't miss them...they are just all along the freeways and highways and parkways and roadways. really. and the windmills too. just like...hiiii...we're here.
not the mention the sheep.

our drive was very successful (except for a very unfortunate bout of traffic somewhere in there). and just so very much like i imagined holland would be.


Brittany said...

This is one of my dream trips. I'm loving your photos. And thanks for clearing up that Holland/Netherlands business. I've never understood what what up with that.

shayna said...

It's that organ with the maroon, silver and gold. So original and unique.

Peggy said...

You did it! You posted! And what wonderful photos and info. I didn't know any of that stuff except old New York was once New Amsterdam. I have a ginger cookie recipe from New Amsterdam times.

Linds said...

I like when you share your knowledge.

The colors seem to explode on my screen. So incredible!