the bestest part of ireland - part 2/3

IMG_7040 ring of kerry Collage2 IMG_7078 IMG_7086 we called it burberry castle (it's ballycarbery castle) IMG_7094 benny IMG_7102 - Version 2 IMG_7095 just the coolest castle we saw IMG_7121 IMG_7126 IMG_7141 sheep. just right there by the car. IMG_7144 ballaghbeama gap (crazy awesome "shortcut") IMG_7158 sunlight is like gold IMG_7169 IMG_7177 IMG_7174 dingle peninsula. yep. my favorite part. IMG_7184 i mean... IMG_7202 IMG_7204 IMG_7212 IMG_7183 IMG_7227 IMG_7236 we drove onto the beach and ate our little lunch

so magical. if you go to ireland - you go to western ireland to kerry and dingle. and you drive a whole lot. but it's all worth it in your hyundai rental.

route was killarney --> ring of kerry (the whole peninsula to sneem) --> to castlegregory --> dingle --> dingle peninsula --> inch beach

i guess it was the sunshine and the nice people and all the cadbury chocolate but it was just so green and sunny and pretty and i loved every bit of it.

on the ring of kerry, thanks to national geographic, we ate lunch in portmagee (because it's called portMAGEE) - and went to valentia island to see more lovely views and drive on crazy roads.

the b&b in castlegregory where we stayed, the shores, was the perfect b&b with the best irish breakfast and the nicest owner.
every pub in dingle has live music. i'm talking good music.

and then we got bread and cheese and fruits and ate our lunch on inch beach.


laden backpack said...

The shot of what must be a tidal pool, close up, is
great. The green is almost electric and the water is
like glittering silver. Eating lunch on the beach has
to be one of the most fun and most romantic things
about a trip. Glad you got to do this and again so
amazed that the weather was so beautiful. From the
looks of your jackets it must have been a little cool.

Daniel said...

i'd like to order a print of ben's heel-clicking photo.

Linds said...

I want to take a nap on that castle.

Earline Perez said...

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