tropical storm

i know i haven't blogged in a while...and once i post an ungodly amount of photos from our recent trip (soon)...i'm not sure how often i really will keep this thang up.

today was a hard day and not just because it poured - tropical storm - the entire time (and still is pouring) but because i said goodbye to a friend who is moving west.
she is the reason i have a job and the reason i have gained copious amounts of responsibilities at my job in such a short period (this is a good thing). she is the reason i learned to letterpress, the reason i learned about 1/2 off sushi, she is my j.crew loving buddy - one of my bestest friends. we said goodbye in cab that we all shared (my husband and her husband too) because of this rainy day.
and it just made me so sad. why do friends have to go?
we have said goodbye to far too many friends here in nyc. and it hasn't even been 2 years.

so much has changed, improved, exploded, grown, et cetera in our short time here.

most things have changed for the better. i know i have and i continue to be so indescribably happy. and grateful for my built-in-best-friend that is ben.

he doesn't judge. he understands that i see the world through turquoise colored glasses. he knows that where i came from isn't where i'm going and that each day i am learning something new and adapting it to my life - and in that i am changing and improving and exploding and growing.

and sometimes all you need is someone who will see those changes and see that they are you.

and that it's ok.


shayna said...

This was a beautiful post. Thanks. I had no idea that you saw the world through turquoise colored glasses. I am glad you have Ben. I'm glad I have you.

Peggy said...

I echo Shayna's sentiments precisely. Your glasses have to be specked with Van Gogh's paint after your exposure to him and impressionism. Love it.

laden backpack said...

I don't like change even though our world is filled with it. So sad to have friends part, change. Things will always be different now, change. Tough times

Linds said...

you write so beautifully. always have. i like that you learn and adapt it to YOUR life. you've always been so good at learning and growing. i'll say it again : you're an inspiration to me.