ben turned 30

ben turned 30 on july 9th. it happened! even though i didn't blog about it. but it's july still...sooooo it counts, i promise. i'm still within the birth month.
on his birthday i took him to lunch...a long, leisure and delicious lunch because i never take a lunch break and i knew ben would love that. i'm such a good wife.

the weekend of his birthday we stayed 1 night in an nyc hotel - because ben wanted to be at a pool (a not-so-crowded-not-so-public pool :). it was perfectly hot that weekend so we got the most of our stay. we toasted to him...30 reasons he's so great. i got really specific because that's what you do when you're in love and married to your best friend.

it's weird that 30 doesn't seem old now that my old man husband is that age...i guess the older you get, the more you're used to age.

thanks for getting better with age, ben.

photo taken on our recent trip to san francisco.


shayna said...

Like a fine wine or a fine cheese. To Ben!!!

sienna said...

happy birthday Ben! So glad that you were born and that you met Emily and that you two are so happy together.

Linds said...

Dirty thirty. I guess that's what people call it these days. I love Ben because he's a good traveler and loves good food and likes to share his knowledge with friends {Randy and me} and he's always up for a good chat.

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