that time we were in northern cal

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it was over a month ago...but we went to northern california to parade with 3 of my 4 siblings and their families.

paul and eunnie and kiddies (paul, paige and zoey) in san jose
brandon and edee and kiddies (brooklyn, addyson and jude) in chico
shayna and eric in san fran

in san jose we explored nature, played kickball in the backyard and ate sushi on a double date.
in chico we also saw nature, saw hippies at the farmers' market and ate flat breads with garlic sauce.
in sf we marveled at a city that's a city with nature (ha), rode a cable car (and got pushed up a hill by a semi because our car malfunctioned) and ate at la taqueria twice.

well how's that for brief? thanks guys. it was fun.