this town

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it's amazing ben and i moved here to nyc just before the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.

the city is business as usual today. but i will never forget.


Peggy said...

beautiful bridges and heart felt stories behind 9-11 that create bridges over that gulf you feel when you look upon the chasm of the 9-11 memorial.

I had just been in New York with Kristen a week or so before the 9-11 attack. Kristen saw the second building being struck from a vantage point in an upper floor window of a building at Columbia University.

shayna said...

Nice post, I like it. Never forget.

emi said...

love that you live in NYC. we're on the other coast in SF, but love your city and coming to visit next month!

the well-traveled wife

Linds said...

Beautiful bridges and wonderful history. Never forget.